Welcome to Quick!

We're building a BDD framework for a new generation of Swift and Objective-C developers.

Quick should be easy to use and easy to maintain. Let's keep things simple and well-tested.

tl;dr: If you've added a file to the project, make sure it's included in both the OS X and iOS targets.

Reporting Bugs

Nothing is off-limits. If you're having a problem, we want to hear about it.

  • See a crash? File an issue.
  • Code isn't compiling, but you don't know why? Sounds like you should submit a new issue, bud.
  • Went to the kitchen, only to forget why you went in the first place? Better submit an issue.

Building the Project

  • Use Quick.xcworkspace to work on Quick, Nimble, and the example apps.

Pull Requests

  • Nothing is trivial. Submit pull requests for anything: typos, whitespace, you name it.
  • Not all pull requests will be merged, but all will be acknowledged. If no one has provided feedback on your request, ping one of the owners by name.
  • Make sure your pull request includes any necessary updates to the README or other documentation.
  • Be sure the unit tests for both the OS X and iOS targets of both Quick and Nimble pass before submitting your pull request. You can run all the OS X unit tests using rake test (hopefully this will support iOS soon, see: https://github.com/Quick/Quick/issues/25).
  • If you've added a file to the project, make sure it's included in both the OS X and iOS targets.

Style Conventions

  • Indent using 4 spaces.
  • Keep lines 100 characters or shorter. Break long statements into shorter ones over multiple lines.
  • In Objective-C, use #pragma mark - to mark public, internal, protocol, and superclass methods. See QuickSpec.m for an example.

Core Members

If a few of your pull requests have been merged, and you'd like a controlling stake in the project, file an issue asking for write access to the repository.

Code of Conduct

Your conduct as a core member is your own responsibility, but here are some "ground rules":

  • Feel free to push whatever you want to master, and (if you have ownership permissions) to create any repositories you'd like.

Ideally, however, all changes should be submitted as GitHub pull requests. No one should merge their own pull request, unless no other core members respond for at least a few days.

If you'd like to create a new repository, it'd be nice if you created a GitHub issue and gathered some feedback first.

  • It'd be awesome if you could review, provide feedback on, and close issues or pull requests submitted to the project. Please provide kind, constructive feedback. Please don't be sarcastic or snarky.